Obama met with the legendary team will receive

Obama met with the legendary team will receive

26 years ago, the Chicago Bears in the regular season 15 wins and 1 impressive record, and in that season’s Super Bowl final rule with absolute power to obtain the ultimate champion. According Authentic NFL Jerseys Shop: fanzstore.com reported, that support all-powerful team in the year will be invited to the White House to accept the U.S. President Barack – Obama’s interview.
According to Comcast Sports Net Chicago area reported in 1985 that support the Chicago Bears have been invited to the White House, they will be accepted October 7, Obama’s interview.
In January 1986 the team defeated the New England Patriots won the first Super Bowl title after the 20th, missed the President met with the traditional ceremony. The reason is that the end of the game in two days, the U.S. space shuttle Challenger explosion, followed by the United States held a national mourning.
List of persons attending the meeting has not yet finalized. Obama is a Chicago Bears fan, met in the summer season on the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers, he also expressed his loyalty to the Bears.


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