Jacksonville Jaguars

Tigers too busy to keep the core players and the team officially renewed the two main
Jacksonville Jaguars Friday, Cincinnati Cincinnati Bengals team in the beginning and some of the key players signed a contract extension. First, the team announced that they had and starting cornerback Leon – Huo Erda into an agreement, and shortly thereafter they announced the starting center Kyle – Cook renewal, the two contracts will continue until 2015 season.

NFL Radio Network expert Jacksonville Jaguars La Canfora said the Hall of the contract value of $ 39 million. In the previous four seasons of his career Hall has never missed a game, contributed a total of 18 steals. Since the 2008 season since he started all 48 games. “I have been on the team and these players have confidence, for me it means a lot. Cincinnati Bengals have the same confidence in me,” Hall, the team said in a statement. “To the good long-term development of any team should keep their core players. Andrew – White Voss and the team also renewed, and this in terms of team and locker room are very good. ”

According to the “Cincinnati Enquirer” reported, Cincinnati Bengals Cook’s contract value $ 14 million, of which $ 5 million is guaranteed. Cook about to enter his fourth NFL season, the last two season, he starts. “It means a lot,” Cook told Inquirer in an interview. “Obviously, this is I have always wanted to get now I have to concentrate, all energies are concentrated on how to play the game up.”


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