Buffalo Bills

 Buffalo Bills  defensive midfielder joined the Giants as a free agent want to join their mentor

Buffalo Bills defensive midfielder joined the Giants as a free agent want to join their mentor

NFL season is about to pull the curtain, in the new collective bargaining agreement to be reached on the occasion, a number of free links of interest to club players start, Buffalo team insider David Paul – Bo Silu days (Paul Posluszny) is one of a I heard of their interest in the New York giants, he was very pleased.

The current Giants defensive coordinator Perry – Fei Weier (Perry Fewell) Bill has been in the team as interim head coach and defensive coordinator, Bo Silu days of Tuition is the teacher, in SIrius NFL radio show interview, the Persian Lu days again and Fei Weier asked if willing to cooperate, he said: “of course, in Buffalo before he and I worked well together, I like Fei Weier coach’s coaching style and his defensive philosophy, I am a uncle living in New York, the day he told me that the Giants from the Internet to see the message may be interested in me, so ah, on the free agent rumors out of many possibilities, I also want to know the true value of the Giants I am interested in only one of the team, I am sure. ”

At the same time, he did not deny that may remain in Buffalo, he said: “I ​​started that too, after the end of the season I want to stay in Buffalo, I think they might be interested, but I need to make sure as Buffalo Bills in a long-term plan, of course, my defense team must have a place, although I wish it had a prospect of a solution quickly, but we all know that the offseason, shut down after the chaos, I and other players want to end quickly shut down. “Bo Silu days, 27 years old, graduated from the University of Penn, 2007 second round draft pick by Bill team picked 6-foot-1 inch (1.86 meters) and weighing 238 pounds, earlier this year and join Chinese players Wang Kai public service activities.


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