Steelers struck pony hard to resist Peyton Manning era gone

Steelers struck pony hard to resist Peyton Manning era gone

Indiana Colts

This week’s Sunday Night game will be a focus on war, embattled Indiana Colts team sits at home, against the powerful Pittsburgh Steelers, Authentic NFL Jerseys official Web site of the game will be broadcast live.
In fact, the game is the Colts have two consecutive nationally televised games, and lost the backbone of this season after a super quarterback Peyton Manning, the Colts could not find the first few seasons seems to have accumulated super offensive strength, the 39-year-old veteran quarterback Kerry Collins, Peyton Manning as a team instead of starting after the first two weeks have proven completely unable to do so Peyton Manning Collins do that, do not come close to, two weeks before Collins passing yardage per game does not even have more than 200 yards, which for the passing attack the main roads, supplemented by the Colts offense is really a disaster, And he’s only passing success rate was only 50.7%, good in the Colts offensive line in front of Collins captured the first two games to kill a full five times, lost the ball four times, lost the ball three times, so bad data two weeks before making the Colts are losing to the collapse of the performance becomes surprising. The Colts open the season as a two-game losing streak since Peyton Manning also start as the worst since his rookie season.
In fact, Colts vice president of Bier Bo Lee has made a special trip to fly before the start of Duke University, watched the game against Duke University Stanford University University of the league, he’s for this purpose is without saying, we all know, Stanford University has a quasi-champion NBA draft next year, Andrew Luck, and this was Bo Lian also denied rumors that he denied that he made a special trip to see the game lux. However, such a villain, is already obvious. In this year the Colts lost Peyton Manning, the Colts have lost the basic competitiveness of the team, if you put bad choice this year and next year to be signed to be the next champion will be the amplifier of a certain Andrew Luck , then at least next year has 36-year-old successor to Peyton Manning, can be considered good looking.
The latest news is Peyton Manning’s injury recovery is still not clear, is expected to be a fairly long recovery period. And now there is a saying that Peyton Manning will be in Week 13 game against the New England Patriots in Super contest back. Wide receiver Reggie Wayne said: “We do not have much time to be squandered, we need to find a way to win, I think we should from now on is about to begin.” From this statement of the analysis, the current morale Colts is also not entirely uniform, since the vice president are beginning to see the game lux, then, or you can follow the U.S. in 1996 NBA San Antonio Spurs, as the Admiral David Robinson injured, the decisive swing bad choice So in 1997 NBA Draft to be made as champion Tim Duncan, thus creating a new dynasty. If the boss think, and think not the same player, then this team will certainly be very confusing.
Let’s look at the Steelers in the opener to score 7:35 this stunning defeat opponents with the district after the Baltimore Ravens, the Steelers last week, quickly getting back on their windowsill, in their home opener war, they advance a few yards 421:164 such absolute advantage, to 24:0 victory over the Seattle Seahawks weak. They attack the ball as many times as many as 39 minutes. This is the first time since the 2008 season, the team achieved such a huge advantage. The team’s linebacker Lamar Woodley said: “Almost everyone said our defense group too old, I was still in college, they are known already, but I do not think so, in this movement, what is the most golden age of the age? is that now, but in this league, there is no right age. ”
The situation has improved in the face of the Steelers when the Colts can not seem to get any chance in the other body, the Colts two weeks before the third tranche of the conversion is successful only 23 times only five times, the chance came in 32 teams in the first 31 of 2005 – 10 season, the Colts are the third tranche of 49.6% conversion rate, and this year, this data is only 21% of the poor. This data is no wonder the Steelers quarterback Ross Ellis Berg would say: “We must not only win, we also find ways to get more scoring, this is the most important thing.” The Big worried that if the best is still worried about facing the Colts defensive end Dwight two ace Venturini and Robert Vernon Francis Tema bar. The last time against the Colts, Ross Ellis Berg’s data is poor quarterback rating of 59 points and three steals, no passing touchdowns, but also killed two captured, and his whole career against Colts quarterback rating is only 58.9 minutes, and only one touchdown pass, there are up to five steals. The data in this way in front of Big Ben or the low-key better.


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