Gold combination reproduce the stadium? Brady Moss look back to New England Patriots

Gold combination reproduce the stadium? Brady Moss look back to New England Patriots

New England Patriots quarterback – Tom Brady on Tuesday told a media interview revealed that in the preseason before he and Randy – Moss had a conversation that he hoped this name has been retired wide receiver back to the Patriots locker room, put on Authentic New England Patriots Jerseys.

“I like Randy,” Brady said, “He is the history of the sport’s greatest catcher, is one and I worked with one of the greatest players, but unfortunately, I have no right to make personnel decisions. if I can, then, my friends are still here. “I’ve seen so many people coming and going, but I do not know whether he will come back, I can not enter his mind . He is my friend, if he chose to return, I will welcome him with open arms. ”

Moss announced his retirement in August this year, but “West Virginia City News” last week, the news source cited anonymous sources, said Moscow is very sorry to leave the New England Patriots, he was ready to return. 2007 season, Moss and Brady together to create the NFL single-season touchdown catch record. Moss played for the Patriots for four seasons, 52 games, 51 starts, a total of 259 catches for 3904 yards and 50 touchdowns.


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