Dallas wide receiver can play this week preseason training in the absence of doubt

As the leg ligament injury, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles – Austin did not attend Thursday and Dallas Cowboys joint training, can participate in Sunday’s preseason game with San Diego is also it becomes uncertain.

According to “The Dallas Morning News,” Cowboys head coach Jason – Garrett that Austin’s injury not serious, but he has not said whether the Austin team in the game against the Lightning play. “We can only observe the day by day,” Garrett said. “We believe him now is not wise to participate in training and we will look at him this afternoon after receiving treatment response.”

According to the official website of the team, as Austin did not participate in training, Kevin Ogletree and Daisy – Bryant with a team in the attack, and substitute Jesse – Holly appointed as the third wide receiver, No..

According to several media reports, backup quarterback Jon – base Turner in the absence of a back injury two days of training, returned to the team on Thursday.


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