Cincinnati Bengals single champion 24 points win over Arizona Cardinals rare low-pass success rate

Cincinnati Bengals single champion 24 points win over Arizona Cardinals rare low-pass success rate

The third week of NFL preseason started, Cincinnati Bengals 24-13 victory over Arizona Cardinals , the Philadelphia Eagles 24-14 win Cleveland Brown, Baltimore Ravens 34-31 victory Washington Redskins.

, Cincinnati Bengals Section II team to get 24 points alone would easily win the game, Cedric – Benson (Cedric Benson) and Bernard – Scott (Bernard Scott), respectively, red ball touchdowns, rookie quarterback Andy – Dalton (Andy Dalton) as a rookie wide receiver AJ Green pass to help the latter become the only field player to catch touchdowns. Dalton down these games have made great progress in the field passing 17 times, 11 successful, forward 130 yards, a score of 107.5, compared with 30.9 in the first field a lot more, but he was very humble, the victory thanks to a ground offensive, he said: “We rushed the ball very powerful, although some small problems to be solved, but we can rebound the ball when we attack, the opponent would have to relax the siege of quarterback, so I can use When the air. ”

In contrast Arizona Cardinals in the champion Cam – Newton played under the leadership is getting worse, Newton 19 passes this field only six times a hand, but fortunately there is a personal first quarter the ball 16 yards rushing touchdowns, hit him in the elegance of Auburn University, but three preseason games down, Newton’s a more than a poor performance, his only help the Panthers forward pass 75 yards, puts more energy into individual rushing, the first section had 41 yards of the ball, then coach to change , let Jimmy – Clausen played, but the latter performance is unsatisfactory, only 7 passes four times successfully. About Newton’s performance, Panthers coach Rivera said: “I think he showed some of the features, and now he’s a lot of pressure, our support for him is also very relaxed, we should better protect him, and He must read the game better, glad to see Newton’s ability to play more, but he still has a long way to go. ”

Eagles and Brown sent the first team play, Vic and Vince – Young turns in charge of attack, but had not heard touchdowns, but rather have a red ball two touchdowns, two quarterbacks have the ability with the ball, but also be a feature of the Hawks play at DeShawn – Jackson (DeSean Jackson) still not playing the case of wide receiver who became a foil, just joined the veteran Ronnie Brown – in the first run down a touchdown, Hawks season due to his place. The first Browns quarterback Colt – McCoy (Colt McCoy) the focus of care by opponents, 9 in 1 pass with 18 steals three times to kill captured the results as well, but instead he played Seneca – Wallace (Seneca Wallace) and Garrett – Brown (Jarrette Brow), but each came a touchdown, especially 4 Brown 4 pass without a contract or a temporary player.

As the Baltimore and Washington, crows, and red the game is also extremely hot, red most of the time to stay ahead, Baltimore Ravens hot pursuit, the final battle in this exchange that left 22 seconds by the Brandon – Jones (Brandon Jones) up front and win the ball, the two sides played a total of five quarterback , four of whom have contributed a touchdown pass, Joe – Fu Lake came two more touchdowns, but the section he had been red star cornerback D’Angelo – Hall (DeAngelo Hall) steals, the ball 52 yards straight into the Hall end zone, very exciting, just returned from Arizona to join the red one running back Tim – Sea Tao Seoul (Tim Hightower) is also a section contributed 37 yards rushing, help the Redskins to 14-0 lead. After the two sides you come to me, and constantly raise the score, the game before the end of 22 seconds, red is also the 31-27 lead, then replace the rookie quarterback playing Tailuo De Fu Lake – Taylor (Tyrod Taylor) to ball to the left, Jones received the ball to take the hint, never time to catch red points, the score for the 34-31 cell


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