Bengals last in power rankings

Cincinnati Bengals last in power rankings

According to our panel of, the Cincinnati Bengals are the main candidate for the lucky catch-André.

Cincinnati Bengals again ranked last in ‘s NFL power rankings. They held the same ranking entering preseason. Cincinnati has done nothing to change this perception in recent weeks.

Incidentally, I voted Bengals № 31. I saw the Carolina Panthers play the Bengals in the third preseason game and thought Cincinnati was a notch better.

But this is obviously the restoration of the year for the Cincinnati Bengals. Rookie defenseman Andy Dalton is one of the biggest keys.

If the rookie second-round pick is better than expected, the Bengals young people a chance to break a few commands. But if Dalton in flames, the Bengals will struggle to beat anyone. It would strongly Fortune lotteries.

Cincinnati will have a good sensor, where the team stands on Sunday when it travels to play the Cleveland Browns, who are also restoring a novice head coach Pat Shurmur.


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