acksonville Jaguars history data on the number one running back he should be retired Hall of Fame

Jacksonville Jaguars history data on the number one running back he should be retired Hall of Fame
Achieved in 13 seasons of close to 12,000 yards rushing the ball, running Fu Leite – Taylor announces retirement from the NFL. Taylor and the Jacksonville Jaguars on Friday signed a one-day contract so he can be formally to the identity of a Jaguar players retired.

The former University of Florida star running back in 1998 by Jacksonville Jaguars in the first round of the 9th overall pick, he played for the team for 11 seasons, he is currently still 11,271 yards rushing ranked list in team history the first of his 286 catches and 2361 yards from the ball were ranked No. 3 and No. 4. Taylor in the past two seasons for the New England Patriots effect, a total of 106 times his ball, advancing 424 yards, four touchdowns contribution.
“I want to thank everyone directly or indirectly support my career and my personality to shape the process of helping people to give me,” Taylor wrote on his Twitter.

Taylor’s career rushing total of 11,695 yards, ranked 15th in NFL history, behind Thurman – Thomas, 379 yards, led by John – Riggins 343 yards, which both are members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. However, this does not mean that Taylor can also enter the Hall of Fame, because early in his career because of injury rest for a long time, and never travel with the team entered the Super Bowl, even in the Patriots, and he is only a full Star Game experience.


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