Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals cornerback force is expected to close ranks with the season starting two young 

Arizona Cardinals number one rookie Patrick – Peterson may be the team’s starter because the team’s original starting cornerback Greg – Toledo has been declared the season because of knee injury.

Toledo on Saturday the team lost to the San Diego Chargers preseason game left anterior cruciate ligament tear, he was placed on Monday means the season injury reserve list. This season Arizona Cardinals may have to allow two young players to start at cornerback, sophomore AJ Jefferson and No. 5 this year’s first-round rookie Peterson.

Shut down shortly after, Arizona Cardinals traded away their star cornerback Dominique – Rogers Cromartie, Rogers Cromartie with a second-round pick in exchange for the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin – Branch Kalb.

Jefferson last season in the Arizona Cardinals practice team, he is the team’s training camp in a big surprise. He appears to be locked up a starting cornerback position, and Richard Peterson – Marshall will compete for the other starting position. Marshall in the past two seasons Panthers are starting spot, not long ago as a free agent and Arizona Cardinals signed.

Peterson said that if he and Jefferson together as the starter, then they will learn from each other, support each other. “We’re both still young, but we have experienced behind Big Brother,” Peterson said. “They will guide how we grow.”

Arizona Cardinals


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