Carolina Panthers

Smooth Carolina Panthers NFL Draft to sign off the season with undefeated champion QB

2011 NFL Draft in New York carried out smoothly, Carolina Panthers selected with the first pick graduated from Auburn University quarterback Cam – Newton.

Newton and Auburn University had a undefeated season, this is the first time since 1957 season undefeated NCAA college team, Carolina Panthers last season, made only two victories, two quarterback performance are so disappointing, with the champion is also expected to sign off the quarterback, Newton said after being picked: “I am ready to change the whole team, so that they become the best from the worst, become Carolina Panthers staff allow me to achieve the ideal. “Today is undoubtedly the most out of color Newton, he was undefeated in a season to prove their abilities, but his personal life seems worthy of scrutiny, at the University of Florida during the school day, because the theft of a laptop and suspected academic fraud, and then forced to transfer to Auburn University.

Denver Broncos signed off with a linebacker II von – Miller was unexpected, because he was the only other famous players to the court with an antitrust lawsuit against the NFL rookie, he was in tears after being picked Goodell and the NFL president, embrace, and then Miller explained: “I never had any objection Roger – Roger Goodell’s idea, I just want to continue playing, when I took the stage, I met Mr. President, that’s all. “In the NFL entering the first shut down since 1987, when 32 teams operating in the judge issued the ban after the lockout to return to normal, now rookie who can report to the team, and coaches to meet and understand the tactics, the 2011 season all the procedures before the introduction of rookie and the team can not negotiate contracts.

Arizona Cardinals


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