New York Jets

New York Jets defensive killing with little Manning New York Giants lost a good two steals Bureau

Finally, the third week of NFL preseason game, but also the highlight of this week, started the New York Derby, the final New York Jets 17-3 victory over the Giants, the two sides have little to attack in this field.

This has been delayed due to the hurricane two days of competition in the only touchdown pass from Mark – Sanchez 17 yard pass, after Bo Leisi back the first chance against his former team, but did not receive the ball end was the coach for this year, rookie Bilal – Powell IV red ball to achieve another touchdown, but the main hero is defensive group, they are two steals Eli – Manning’s pass, SWAT team also showed no vulgar, Antonio – Cromarty then kick back to the attack 70 yards, laid Holm Star front offensive, defensive end Jialong – Gilbert (Jarron Gilbert) to Lloyd’s free kick blocked, so that the opponent Overall score was almost unchanged. 3 days after the Jets game in the last week against the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants opponent is ew England Patriots. Is such an inconsequential game, but Giants lose not only the input, defensive end Justin – Tucker (Justin Tuck) and linebacker Mathias – Kiwanuka (Mathias Kiwanuka) injury leave.

Because three days later will be another game, so both sides are careful to use the main players, the Jets veteran Tomlinson the ball only once, 1 yards are not advancing, I have not played, the Giants Brad Xiao ball only three times, throw the main burden of ground offensive veteran Jacobs, Mark – Sanchez did not reach the best condition, only 50% passing success rate, but with the defense team and the SWAT team’s outstanding performance total offensive yards away from hundreds of major general than the opponent or the Jets win the game, both in the regular season there is a battle, time is December 24, New York Jets head coach Ryan said: “I do not know whether that game there are remaining tickets, but I think that game will be very interesting, this is two great teams, but a preseason game, the real war to be started on December 24. “

New York Giants


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